• Avaritia - Version 1 is in development. Enjoy a realistic landscape and dice-generated terrain, for a unique game every time.
  • Choose from three unique teams, each with unique strengths to claim victory.
  • Take out your opponent with devious strategy! A well-placed sword, a well-aimed arrow, and a little luck is all it takes.
  • Show no mercy. Claim what is rightfully yours; defend what you have earned!
  • Build armaments and threaten your foes! Send them scrambling!
  • Form strategies to march your team to victory... the right move at the right time means the world...
  • Ambush when they least expect it! The best defense is the best offense!
  • Only one can rule the island... do YOU have what it takes?
  • Get lost in a world of fantasy, commanding your army to victory.
  • Plan your victory with tactical cards... the fools will never see it coming!

Avaritia (Alpha v1)

🌟 Major rules rewrite. MANY new ideas and improvements!

Avaritia (previously Battlegrounds) is a strategic, battle-oriented, chess-type board game, personally developed in 1998. It has undergone numerous changes and adjustments, and may be posted on Kickstarter in the future. I'm always in search of new ideas to make it a very entertaining board game.

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For those who've visited previous years, hope you enjoy the changes. For those who are new, hope you enjoy my work. Here you will find my professional portfolio of graphic and web design work, photography, and flash games I've made in years past. Have a look at my blog for personal insight on creative events and assorted related matters. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
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June 5, 2015
  • Brand spankin' new site. Change can be for the better! This is the 6th installment of Graysmedia.com... finally we're professional.
  • Completely revamped, modernized blog. Gasp! It's... it's legible now!
  • More photography uploaded.
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In Progress

  • Project planning for new card game "Treasure Seekers". Details to follow.
  • Avaritia card art planning. Looking more and more like photo manipulation.