Hi There.

My real name is Jonathan Gray, with the nickname of Jay, and "Smurfage", as seen in the world of the internets. My casual works will use these aliases. I'm and have a knack for design and creativity. I have been 'designing' things for over 20 years, starting with rudimentary board games, eventually forking to a digital medium, where my game creation continues, along with a blossoming passion for graphic design.

My aspiration as an artist is to make others say things like "wow", and "awesome". Achieving these statements means that person has seen something new and undiscovered- something not commonplace in modern design. I abstract things. I add unexpected twists. I break the stereotypical mold of the design process, to get people thinking differently- get them realizing the possibilities of an idea are endless.

My interests include: Hiking, biking, cooking, hockey, kayaking, tennis, billiards, keyboards, gardening, gaming, game development and design, game theory, graphic design, web design, photography, and image manipulation.


★ Logical:
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.js, CoffeeScript, ActionScript 2/3, Front-End Development, UI/UX, Computer Science, Networking and Hardware, Windows XP-8.1, OSX, AndroidOS 2.2-5.1, Game Theory, Odds and Statistics

★ Creative:
Adobe Creative Suite, Advanced Photography, Composition and Form, Graphic Design, Web Design, Physical Design Aesthetics, Digital Graphic Productions, Audio Production, Photo Manipulation, Video Editing, Illustration, Game Production, Storyboarding, Theming

★ Health:
Alternative Medicine, Homeopathic Remedies, Internal Functions and System Relativity, Optimal Nutrition, Symptoms, Hormones and Comparisons, Mineral Ratios and Sources, Mineral Toxicity, Detoxification, Theory of Bacteria, Acid / Alkaline Balance, Cellular Energy, Grounding and PEMF, Relaxation and Meditation


★ B.A. Media Arts - SUNY Fredonia 2006
★ Certified Graphic Designer and Web Designer - Sessions School of Design 2013
★ Flash Game Development - "Inmate" - 56,000+ Views - 2010 ★ Semi-Finalist, "Insidious 2" Contest, Deviantart.com - 2013
★ Daily Deviation, "Humidity", Deviantart.com - 2014
★ Board Game - "Avaritia" (Development)
★ Card Game - "Treasure Seekers" (Development)