New Site!

The last version of my site was pretty cool, I will admit. I got compliments on it. But it was time for a change, plus a school course practically begged me to update this site. So, after a few weeks of work, I'd like to present Graysmedia version 5. This is a huge step up, in that it doesn't use a flash interface (Flash is just so clunky.... it's really only good for games now...sigh.) But anyways, this needed an update, and makes it much easier to expand the ol' portfolio, and is motivation to make more quality work.

I'll be making a note of this in other places- if you need help or question about a game, look for the topic in the sidebar and post your question there. I'll get back to it asap.

I'll be updating this regularly with anything new I'm doing, things I find interesting... you know... a personal blog. I have no idea how many people actually see this, so if you do, say hi! I feel like I'm all alone here! :(

Apr 16 2013
Nice site, Jonathan!

Jun 24 2013
hi buddy Now you might have your new word wide web website and also you might be keen to start maikng some gross product sales! But, how are you currently proceeding for maikng product sales when you occur to would not have higher volumes of holiday makers with

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