The Future of Design Work

This is an afterthought I feel most designers have, at one time or another.

...What's to become of my future?

I have a love hate relationship when thinking about the future of design work.

The plus side: You can't automate creativity. It will always be a personalized skill, therefore always guarantee and require the efforts of an individual, even if everything else is robotic. Automated processes and machinery don't have the ability to make something out of nothing, for they require derivatives for everything they process. It's why they're good for manufacturing and linear processes... but never spontaneity. This assures me, and other designers, that our services and abilities will never go by the wayside, we'll always have work and opportunity as long as there is an advertising need.

The negative side: Due to said robotics and automated processes, the creation of highly qualified ideas and concepts becomes increasingly easier, which could make the lesser creative types appear more creative, due to ease of technical intervention. This in turn, could lessen the demand for very creative types, as a cost-saving measure within an organization. Also, it seems more and more designers are popping up, as related to the technological age and population, saturating the field. It is becoming a less lucrative field, as supply and demand works its magic. Only the highest reputation designers seem to become very successful.

Another variable is population, believe it or not. The more people there are, the more chance for industry to develop, the more potential businesses will arise due to a greater chance of more entrepreneurs. Will the amount of businesses keep path with the amount of designers in need of work? Who knows, but the economy will certainly dictate that. As more businesses make the shift to automated processes, more people with lesser trades will be seeking a new line of work, I'd imagine quite a few will try out design fields, saturating the marketplace even more.

So what's my point? Designers should have a great future, but you have to be willing to work very, very hard to get anywhere. We are fighting against an ever-increasing current, but always be on the lookout for an opportunity to grow, improve, and display professional talent, or you may get left behind real fast.

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