Graphic Design Saturation

Another thought came to mind the other day whilst browsing through random webpages in search of inspiration... overstimulation. With so much emphasis being put on advertising these days, companies are seeking the highest talent, out of a huge pool of talented resource, to gain a stronger edge in persuasion, to sell their product. However, this is where my uh-oh moment came about. With so many products on the shelves, and commercials on TV with extravagant animations, music, and blatantly obvious top-notch professional graphic designer work, are we becoming over-saturated? Bright, bold colors with a modernized twist and shapes is so extremely common that I feel it's losing its effectiveness. Sure, the designs and statements they make are great... by themselves. But placed among other products on the shelf, or among a line of commercials on TV, how memorable really IS that commercial, or IS that bottle of detergent? Yes, it probably cost a lot to produce, by a very talented designer, but what kind of staying power does it have? My point is, I feel we are becoming desensitized to the allure of graphic design. It's everywhere. It's excellently done. But it's so common amongst everything, there's hardly a marketing edge to be gained, unless it's innovative or very unique- hardly representative of the standard mainstream design.

I feel that in due time, marketing will have less of an impact from it's packaging and outer statement, and more emphasis placed on the quality of the good or service. People will become mentally unaffected by packaging design as a wow factor, ultimately, as high quality graphic design is everywhere. By realizing this, I may begin to move more toward high-contrast and minimalism, for that may seem to stand out the most. What would catch your eye more than a simple, large, san-serif, bold, black on white? Consumers may enjoy the fact that the company doesn't care about the advertising, and cares more about the quality of the product being offered. What's more persuasive than that?

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