There are three things in this world that ignite the creative fire within me- a fresh, creative design, a technically perfect, stunning photograph, and an immersive, addictive board game. Each of these areas fuels me to create a masterful work of art in that field. Graphic and web design I pursue professionally, while game creation is simply a hobby.

For the purpose of this portfolio, I'm displaying my best graphic designs, web designs and also photography.

Currently, I am a graphic artist and front-end web designer for PCB Piezotronics, Inc., where I develop social media marketing imagery, creative marketing email blasts and UX/UI designs for the company website. Many of my ideas and concepts have received accolades and can be seen in corporate marketing materials worldwide. Aside from that, I am a freelancer who helps individuals with personal marketing needs and digital creatives.

To learn more about my background, see below for a brief history of my diversified interests.

  • Graphic Design
    • I began my adventures into graphic design in 2012, becoming a certified graphic and web designer from Sessions Online College. From there my fascination with both creative and psychological aspects of design began to flourish. Having a love of photography, combined with design, "photo manipulations" have become my favorite medium. You can see examples of my work in my design gallery. In addition, I also offer graphic design freelance services on a personal/small business level.
  • Web Design & UX
    • My unexpected travels into web design began when I first learned how to code in 2003. I say unexpected, because taking a few HTML classes was a requirement in college for my concentration, and I didn't have much interest in the web at the time. After building my first "website" using basic html back then, this excitement built within me, and I couldn't wait to build another. The mixture of creativity and interactivity, being available for anyone to view anywhere in the world was such an exciting thought. It was such a deviation from the graphic art world I envisioned myself going toward. After college, I self-taught other associated scripting languages to further enhance my love of combining data and art. As of this writing, my core languages include: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, SQL and the basics of Angular.js. Feel free to browse the freelance websites I've built, in the design section. As with graphic design, I also offer freelance services on a personal/small business basis.
  • Photography
    • After using my first DSLR camera in 2007, it was settled. I had to get my hands on another. Never before that time had I felt the need to take photos like I had after that point. Sure, the first few years my photography were just awful, but everyone starts somewhere. It wasn't until taking a few design courses around 2013 that involved color theory, composition and post-editing/manipulation, did I discover the power of photography. From that point on, I have worked diligently on my photography as a point of focus (pun completely intended). Combined with post-processing, photography is my true passion. Please check out my photo library in the photography section. Print purchases will be available in the future.
  • Game Development
    • As a side-hobby, well before any of the above interests existed, I had always had dreams of producing a game, whether it be tabletop or video game. This passion has stood the test of time, and I am working hard to make this childhood wish a reality. Much like my web design fascination, there is something about combining data, art, and math to create something truly captivating, that I find irresistable. Stay tuned for spin-off sites, as I may self-publish a game or two in the near future.